May 18, 2021

Canmore Public Library Appreciation Convoy wins the Making a Difference Award!

Taking place just before Mother’s Day 2020, the Canmore Public Library organized an Appreciation Convoy to show support for the residents of the local seniors lodge and those in the long term care facility at the Canmore General Hospital.  The convoy also provided a meaningful way to thank all health care workers and first responders for their hard work and commitment to keeping our community safe.  While vetting the event to local authorities, we were delighted with requests from the Canmore RCMP detachment, Town of Canmore Bylaw and Canmore Fire and Rescue to join us. Local media attended and the convoy was shared on many social media accounts. The Bow River Senior Citizen Lodge invited all residents to watch from their windows or in the outdoor courtyard and it was wonderful to see them waving back and sharing in the moment.  The Canmore Hospital was equally enthusiastic about the drive-by, video recording it to share within the building.  Many seniors in long term care were watching from their windows and the Hospital invited all available staff to join us outside to receive the good wishes. We were moved by their presence, smartphones in hand, recording us to share with their family and friends.  The Hospital Director noted the convoy will have a “far reaching effect beyond what we could imagine” referring to it as a “seminal moment” for them.  For the Library it was a great way to let our seniors and front-line workers know they are in the forefront of our minds.

We are proud to announce that the Canmore Public Library was recognized for this effort at our annual Marigold Library System Conference that took place May 12th, 2021. Our first ever virtual conference ended with the Making a Difference Awards, in which the Canmore Public Library was the winner in the large library category. Way to go Canmore Public Library!

Photo credit, convoy images: Rocky Mountain Outlook.