Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan of Service 2024-2027

The Library is a vibrant hub connecting Canmore’s community.

Canmore Public Library is a welcoming, accessible, and free gateway to the world of ideas.


Freedom of Expression
The Library supports the essential belief that all persons have a fundamental right to have access to the full range of knowledge, imagination, ideas, and opinion, and to express their thoughts publicly. We defend and promote equitable access to the widest possible variety of content and resist calls for censorship that deny or restrict access to our resources or our spaces.

We stay aware of the changing needs and opportunities of our community and world, and actively work to address them.

We support ongoing learning of everyone in our community by providing a rich variety of resources that recognize and support diverse learning needs and interests.

The Library is a leader in sustainable practices in our community. In our facility, our programs and services we always work to reduce waste and environmental impact. We are committed to ensuring sustainable funding for the continued success and growth of the Library. We provide materials, programs and services that foster sustainable practices in the community.

We are committed to ensuring that the Library is a safe and accessible space for all. Our collections, programs and services reflect the diversity of our community and offer opportunities for learning and growth in understanding and practicing inclusion.


1. Visibility
Increase community awareness of the Library to maximize our impact.

Actions: Proactive, ongoing promotion of Library programs and increased attendance of community events.

2. Connections
Cultivate relationships to support our community.

Actions: Promote the availability of library spaces for use by community groups, identify opportunities to build new partnerships and, also maintain, enhance & build upon existing partnerships

3. Innovation
Adapt our materials, programs, and services to anticipate and meet the ever-changing needs of the community and the continuous evolution of the Library.

Actions: Remove financial barriers by eliminating overdue fines and revising room rental fees, incorporate electronic payment options, expand our Library of Things.

Background to the New Action Plan
Preparation for the new CPL Plan of Service began in the Fall of 2022. Public feedback was gathered via community survey over a six-week period. The survey was available online and in print, in both English & French, and for the first time a separate survey was compiled for Members & Non-Members. A total of 212 responses were received. To supplement the survey results, additional feedback was gathered via five focus group discussions with specific stakeholder groups in the Spring of 2023. Finally, the Library Board held a day-long strategic planning session in May 2023 to confirm the Library’s Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles and Strategic Goals that would serve as the framework for addressing public feedback over the next four years.

To view the complete 2024 - 2027 Plan of Service document, click here.