COVID-19 Provincal Update - New Mandatory Measures

Sep. 16, 2021

New Mandatory Measures are Now in Effect.

As you may be aware, Alberta has declared a state of public health emergency. New measures to protect the health care system come into effect starting today, September 16, 2021. For more information on all of the health measures you can visit the Government of Alberta website here.

The Canmore Public Library will remain open with new protocols and guidelines in place to adhere to these new measures. They include:

  • Mandatory Masking.
    Please wear your mask at all times during your visit.
  • Physical Distancing Required.
    Please maintain a minimum of 2 meters distance between yourself and other patrons or staff members.
  • One Visitor Per Household Preferred.
    Attendees must be with household members only, or 2 close contacts if they live alone.
  • Capacity Restricted to 1/3 Fire Code Occupancy.
    As we will be operating at 1/3 capacity, we appreciate your patience when visiting the Library.

We understand how stressful all this can be on each and every one of us. We want to let all our patrons know how much we appreciate them and their ability to pivot and adapt along with us as we navigate through this together. Try and stay positive, stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you at the Library - from a safe distance of 2 meters of course :). 

COVID-19 has been a long, hard road. If you are feeling overwhelmed or like you need to reach out for help visit the Bow Valley Primary Care Network website for an excellent list of local and provincial resources.